71st Corps - Logo Alternativ.png

71st Attack Corps


Active since:                   20BBY

Headquarter:                  Coruscant

Operationsector:             Mid- / Outer Rim

Type:                             Infantry Corps

Even if you are new to Arma 3 or StarSim, we accept new Player as well and try to give them the best Start possible!
Our Goal is to give every Player the best Clone Wars Experience Possible and of course fullfill our Missions for the Republic and blast some Clankers!
We provide a relaxed Envoirment while still having a quite decent professionell and tactical level out in the Field.
We are also always trying to enhance our multinational Network with other Star Wars Units to archieve Cooperations and Joint Operations.
As a approved Member of our Unit you will be able to choose from various Specialisations and Clone Types like our precise Marksman, Z-6 wielding Heavys or our caresome Medics.
Our Members are always taking Part in the further Development of our Unit.

We offer

- A clear Rank System

- Own Discord, Teamspeak, Arma 3 Gameserver

- Own Auxillary Mod with Armor Designs

- Own Main Operations, Fun Operations and Trainings

- Joint Operations with other Units

- Different MOS & Detachments


Krayt Platoon
- Rifleman
- Launcher Specialist
- Grenadier
- Heavy Gunner
- Marksman
- Medic
- UAV Operator
- Teamleader
- Squadleader

Support Platoon
- Pilots
- Logistics
- Artillery